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Don’t overlook these tips for your advertising stand!

Although it is quite unlikely to go to a promotional event without an exhibitor, it is worth remembering what the keys are to prepare everything correctly before the date of your fair arrives. Getting new customers and increasing the visibility of your brand involves creating an advertising stand that attracts the attention of your target group. And keep an eye on the fact: the economist Marius Manic says that most of the attendees remember only 20% of the content they read, while 80% only remember what they saw. Therefore, it is important that you as an organizer think of an effective strategy to impress attendees and visitors to the fair.

But how is this accomplished? Most cases go through several tests and trials to find the right strategy. However, the impression of a good advertising display will automatically become a hallmark that will maximize the exposure of your brand in all the conferences and exhibitions you have. Think carefully, for example, what is the best way to incorporate text and graphics in your promotional media, since they will also be a key piece in this whole process and, given their importance, they are well worth a couple of days. At these types of events, attendees tend not to respond very well to the plethora of information. Therefore, it is necessary to dose it and pay special attention to the content and the way in which you advertise your brand using logos and illustrations. For these cases,

Tips for creating exhibition stands

Whatever event you are organizing (be it a corporate party, a concert, a conference, the opening of an art gallery or a pub …), you must know the space you have and the number of attendees to create your stands for custom fairs. You should be aware that in certain types of promotional events, you only have 10 seconds to make a good impression. Visitors can go anywhere, so your advertising stand should be as eye-catching and original as possible with unique selling points.
At Helloprint, we have many options available: straight advertising stands, circular or snake-shaped murals, curved portable stands, recycled cardboard displays, tube fair stands, etc. With so much variety available, you just need to make sure your illustrations and graphics stand out and deliver the best possible result.

Advantages of using portable stands for exhibitions and conferences

One of the benefits of using portable display stands is the time you save on setup. Planning your display design can take more than a full day of work, therefore you need fast, powerful and secure quality media to produce it. In this sense, the portable displays can be reused for multiple events and campaigns. Basically all you need is a design in a PDF file that can be printed, downloaded, and stored for other occasions.

This way, you will have a great trade show booth to be proud of during your events. To complete it, you can incorporate audiovisual screens, furniture, and other promotional materials. With all these tools, you will make your brand have a more professional image and attract more visitors to your advertising stand. In any case, it is important that your corporate image is present in your printed designs and in the accessories of your display case. This will help to have a consistent image, improving the knowledge of your clients regarding your brand.